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8 anxiety tips to overcome your worries

Relationships, school, work, societal expectations… The pressures of life can feed into your worries and make your anxiety build up. It can quickly become pretty overwhelming!

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With the right strategies, though, you can learn to better manage anxiety and lead a fulfilling life. Check out our 8 anxiety tips to overcome your worries, with advice from the community. You’re not alone!

Know yourself

The first step in managing anxiety is acknowledging and understanding it. Face your worries and take time to reflect on the triggers and symptoms you experience. By identifying patterns, you can gain better control over your anxiety and develop strategies to cope with it.

For one user, “learning to know [my] inner self” really helped, while another believes “not trying to escape from it or make it go away” was key to dealing with their anxiety. And they’re right!

While procrastinating and avoiding the source of your worries can feel like the right strategy at the time, it only allows them to grow stronger and prevents you from better dealing with your anxiety in the long run.