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TalkLife Reviews

TalkLife Reviews 

We love receving your  feedback! Here is a selection of the latest TalkLife reviews and ratings from Google Play and the App Store. If you would like to share your feedback, be sure to leave a review in the App Store or Google Play

Nancy Tran

9th July 2021

Nice app for people with social anxiety and good for mental health

Benny L

2nd July 2021

You can share your problem. People are nice here

Tia Langley

30th June 2021

Lots of people active to help out anytime

Jessica Rodriguez

24th June 2021

This is app is simply incredible. Great community of friendly and caring individuals, I can't believe that something like this exists!

Jerk Norris

19th June 2021

Really good talks 😊😊😊😊❤️

Chad Barrus

2nd June 2021


Crystal Hernandez

28th May 2021

I've met some of the coolest people here. They are now my best friends ^_^ I love this app 💕

A and O *a0*

27th May 2021

This is amazing it's really helps 👍👍👍

Deanna Gable

21st May 2021

I feel better after hearing what people say and it helps!!

Joe Wright

6th May 2021

Love this app.. there are people who are actually on here to help you

Obina George William

30th April 2021

The app is generally great and very helpful

Kristina Pope

12th April 2021

Has some very caring people on there.

Ayoub El

9th April 2021

Grear, people helped me and i helped people, everything is real 😊 try and help people that needed

Sarah Harkous

7th April 2021

It's amazing!!!!!!!

Frank Cabral

2nd April 2021

Life can be difficult and never easy but to know both are a choice that you know have made it can be ironic to some.. to others the irony feels like every moment has its moral concept. But as for me.. I have yet to start my journey. Thanks to TalkLife I can find honest friends who can support me.

Art_ lover

21st March 2021

I love it, I can event out things that are stuck in my head

yining wang

18th March 2021

Nice community,caring people

Josva Ecklon Nielsen

13th March 2021

This is a surprisingly useful app, and helps those in need, and let's those who want, try to help others. It is a good place for the lost, and those who wants to gather amongst like minded.

Rels Realist

7th March 2021

It is alright. I recommend.

StaTus BAR

6th March 2021

Very good apple 5 starssssss😍😍

Lewis Ehijele

4th March 2021

The app is super awesome

Rhiannon Bennett

28th February 2021

Really good and helpful but havnt been using it that long that's why 4 stars.

Theevasha Naidoo

25th February 2021

I was in such a bad place before I got this app but the community really is extremely supportive and kind. I haven't had the app for very long but I appreciate myself so much more. If anyone is going through anything please sign up. A few people who listen to you and support you really does wonders. And what's more important no one judges

Shaquesha Thomas

21st February 2021

Thank you i love it! I met new friends and oowe they been loving my new hai r!

Lallie Angel

11th February 2021

Ive made a lot of friends and helped a lot of people with their daily life struggles

Huffy Ng

4th February 2021

It's great to vent out your disturbing thoughts.. People here are really supportive.. Thank you whoever came with the idea of creating this kind of app.. You are helping many people like me... thank you.. 😊

jahan mussarat

1st February 2021

It's really helpful

Michelle Van Eeden

30th January 2021

You can express how you feel without being judged, help others and get help in return it is really amazing.

Mount Andew

27th January 2021

Really kind people on here it's refreshing!

Wild Vixen

23rd January 2021

I love this app and there are some really good people in it. Thank you.

Phebe Muezza

17th January 2021

This is such an awesome app dedicated in helping people...I'm in love with this app!!

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