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What does posting anonymously do?

On TalkLife, all members are able to post with an anonymous status. When you choose to post anonymously, other members won't be able to relate the post to your account. It gives you an anonymous profile picture on the post and the accompanying comments for that post.

You can keep track of all your anonymous posts from your post history and these are only displayed to you. Administrators will be able to see your posts and comments but will never disclose your information, this is to prevent abuse.
To post anonymously, follow these steps:

  1. Open the app, click "Post"
  2. Select a mood
  3. Write your post!
  4. Select "Settings"
  5. Choose "Anonymous"
  6. Type in your post and select "Publish Post"

How can I reset my TalkLife password?

You can reset your password directly within TalkLife using the sign in screen.

To reset your password:

  1. Open TalkLife, then choose login
  2. Enter your email in the email field, then select "forgot your password"
  3. We will email you a temporary password and confirmation link
  4. Please click on the confirmation link to activate your temporary password
  5. Please login to TalkLife using the temporary password
  6. You can then edit your password under your profile settings.

How can I verify my account?

When you sign up for a TalkLife account, you will need to verify your account to continue using the service. This is to prevent abuse within the community.

The email verification will be sent to your select email address. If it's not in your inbox within a few minutes, be sure to check the spam folder.

If you still haven't received the verification, you will have the option to resend the verification email from within the app. Once you verify your account, you will be able to use the app with its full functionality.

How can I update my profile picture?

To change your profile picture, please follow these steps;

  1. Open TalkLife and navigate to your profile
  2. Tap on the photo above your display name
  3. Choose either "Photo Library" or "Take Photo"
  4. Select the photo you'd like to use
  5. You can now crop the photo or rotate.
  6. Select "Done"

When can I message on TalkLife?

Firstly, thank you for joining TalkLife. As part of our moderation, we limit the ability for new accounts to send messages straight after sign up. Once you have shared a few posts or comments, messaging will automatically unlock and you will be able to send as many messages as you like. Don't worry, messaging doesn't take long to unlock.

How do I block triggering content from my feed?

We understand that some topics can be more difficult to discuss than others. By default, TalkLife will apply a trigger filter to a post if the original poster chooses to apply it. You may also add other trigger filters that will apply to some posts on the feed. We will try our best to filter these posts based on the criteria that you choose.
To apply these filters, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your profile screen
  2. Select the three dots at the bottom right
  3. Select "Edit Trigger Keywords"
  4. Choose a theme that you would like be filtered
  5. Select "Done" at the top
You can turn these off at any time.

How do I block another user?

Sometimes we can't get along with everybody. The healthy thing to do would be to avoid interaction with those that may make our journey more difficult.
To block a user on TalkLife, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to their profile, post, or comment.
  2. Select the "post options" - the three dots
  3. Select "Block This User" option
When you block a user, you will no longer see their posts or comments. They will also not be able to see any of your content, tag you, or message you. You can unblock a member at anytime via your settings and choosing "blocked users"

How can I unblock a user on TalkLife?

To unblock or a user on TalkLife, please follow these steps:

  1. Select "Account" button.
  2. Press on your profile picture.
  3. Select "Setting" in the botton right.
  4. Select "Manage Hidden Users"/"Manage Blocked Users".
  5. Swipe right on a user.
  6. Select the trash can icon.
When you unblock or unhide a user, you will be able to see their content again. They will also be able to message you.

How can I delete my TalkLife account?

If you feel like TalkLife isn't right for you, you may delete your account. We're sorry to see you go.
To delete your account, follow these steps:

  1. Open TalkLife and navigate to your profile
  2. Select the three dots "..." at the bottom right
  3. Select "Delete Account"
  4. Confirm that you would like your account to be deleted
We will then delete your account after 14 days. If you sign back into your account, we will cancel the deletion and you will need to reconfirm that you would like the account deleted again via the same steps.

Is TalkLife free?

YES! You can use all of TalkLife's features without any cost. If you find TalkLife helpful and would like to support the community, you can become a TalkLife Hero for $6.99 to unlock some additional highlights and cover photos.


My Child Is Using TalkLife - What is it?

TalkLife is a global social network where people can talk openly and honestly with others about the ups and downs of life- specifically battles with mental health. TalkLife members must be above 16 years and enter an age verification on sign up. If you have a child under the age of 16 and you beleive they are using TalkLife, we encourage you to remove the account using the delete account function.

If your child is 16+ They can use TalkLife to give and get support from other people who are going through similar things. It’s a place where no-one need feel alone or judged for who they are. It is not a crisis support service.
We are an online peer support community and not a clinical service. We cannot diagnose or treat users and we do not provide advice or professional support. If you are worried about your own mental or physical health or someone else’s please seek professional help from a doctor or qualified health practitioner.
TalkLife is not a crisis support service and we cannot support users who are suicidal. If someone is in need of immediate support we urge them to contact the emergency services or one of the resources listed in our help centre.
We are unable to provide crisis support through TalkLife. As such we do not allow posts that actively discuss suicide attempts or methodologies. We prominently provide resources on where to seek crisis support help in our ‘I need help’ section in app. We also provide pop up signposting to users when they have drafted content that suggests they’re in crisis.
Please see our community guidelines for more information on what we allow and don’t allow.

Will you report my information to authorities?

TalkLife works with law enforcement agencies to help people on the platform stay safe. If you are in immediate risk of harm or harm to others, TalkLife will work with law enforcement agencies to support them in responding to emergency situations. We will also report If you are involved or discussing illegal activity, acts of terror or sexual abuse of a minor. You can read more on our privacy policy and terms of service.

Will my friends be able to find me on TalkLife?

TalkLife allows you to control the information that appears on your TalkLife profile, including profile name and display pictures. TalkLife also allows users to post anonymously, without including your profile information.

Essentially, no, your friends won't be able to find you if you don't want them to. Be careful with what you share on any network, especially personally identifiable information.

What is an TalkLife Administrator?

TalkLife has a global safety team working around the clock to remove inappropriate content, and users within seconds. Administrators are professional staff trained in moderation and safeguarding. Administrators review flagged content and content removed by the Moderators and have oversight of the platform 24/7. Administrators can also suspend and ban users.

What is a Moderator?

A Moderator is a TalkLife volunteer who has gone through a thorough recruitment, training and assessment process to be able to remove content on TalkLife. Moderators remove content that is against the TalkLife Community Guidelines. Everything that is removed by a Moderator is reviewed by an Administrator. Moderators are members of the TalkLife community that want to give back and support others.

What is a TalkLife buddy?

A Buddy is a volunteer from the TalkLife community who wants to give back and support others. TalkLife buddies go through training and assessment and learn how to support others online including active listening, conveying empathy and self-care. Buddies are there to welcome you in the community and support you as you work through the ups and downs of life.


Why was my post removed?

On TalkLife, we really dislike having to remove posts. However, we may have to if the content of the post is in violation of our community guidelines. If your post is removed, you will be notified by a pop-up within the app. The reasoning for removal will be displayed in this notification. You can also find our reasoning for removal when you open the removed post from within the app. There will be a comment from the Hawk displayed only to you. If you would like further information you are able to directly ask an admin via the origional post. Check out our community guidelines to understand what is okay and not okay to post on TalkLife.

How can I flag inappropriate content?

We take the security of our users extremely seriously. If you have seen content on TalkLife that's abusive, overly graphic, requests for inappropriate content or posts that don't seem right, we ask that you flag the content in order to alert our moderation / administrators.
To flag a post:

  1. Open the inappropriate post from the feed
  2. Press the '...' in the bottom right hand corner of the screen
  3. Choose a reason for flagging the content
  4. You will not be notified of any further action
To flag a comment:
  1. Open the inappropriate comment from the feed
  2. Press the '...' in the bottom right hand corner of the comment
  3. Choose a reason for flagging the content
  4. You will not be notified of any further action

Someone is sending me inappropriate content in messaging!

If someone is sending you inappropriate content or requests within messaging for content that you don't feel comfortable sharing, we ask that you flag the messages to quickly bring this to the attention of administrators on shift.

You can flag a private messages through the following steps;

  1. Select the settings icon in the top right of the messaging thread.
  2. Choose "report user"
  3. Select a reason for flagging the conversation
This will alert administrators who can then take action if appropriate. Administrators will not provide any information on their decision or action they have taken.

How can I report another user?

We take the security of our users extremely seriously. If you have seen a TalkLife member who is behaving abusively, posting graphic content or offensive photos, we ask that you flag users in order to alert our Moderation / Administrators.
To report another member:

  1. Select the members profile, and select the three dots at the bottom right corner
  2. Select "Flag This User"
  3. Select a reason for flagging a profile
This will then be flagged to Administrators on shift. You will not be notified of any action taken by Administrators or moderation.


No-one understands me

Our community is full of people who have also felt alone at time and needed support.
TalkLife is a positive community where people have real conversations about how they feel
- lonely, misunderstood, unhappy, or actually feeling alright. People use TalkLife to seek
support for the bad times, but also celebrate the good ones. You, your thoughts, your
feelings are important - don’t keep them bottled up.

What is TalkLife?

We are TalkLife. A 24/7 support community for real conversation so young people don’t
struggle with mental health alone.

My problems are not important compared to other people!

One person’s experience of mental health is no more or less important than another. It’s not
indulgent to talk about mental health. Everyone needs a listening ear sometimes, no matter
what their problem.

I’m tired of pretending I feel ok.

You don’t need to pretend to be happy all the time. It’s important to get support when you
don’t feel right.

I feel low, I feel alone, I miss the old me

Our community loves having new people to talk to. Interacting with others will help you feel
better and may help you see situations from a new perspective. It’s an easy first step before
talking to your GP.

I don’t want people to know I’m struggling

There is nothing to be ashamed of or feel you need to hide, however you can be
anonymous on our platform. We understand sometimes it’s nice to be able to hide behind
a screen for a bit of protection.

What’s the point?

You may feel bad now, but you’re not alone, and there are better times ahead. The
community is here for you, through the shiny and the shit, and they can can really lift you.
Download the app and say hello.

Is there an app for loneliness?

TalkLife is not only an app to share the ups and downs, but you can meet likeminded people, build friendships and discover that you're not alone! We're here 24/7, 365 days a year via Google Play or the App Store - search TalkLife