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How to make friends (and keep them)

It can be difficult to meet new people. Sometimes, making new friends can feel even more challenging than dating. That’s especially true if you’re struggling with self-confidence. So, how should you go about it?

Two friends smiling and chatting outside

Here’s the lowdown on how to make new friends – and keep them.

Making new friends 101

First of all, it's ok not to have many (or any) friends. That doesn’t mean you’re not a good person. Lots of people feel really lonely! It's nothing to be ashamed of, but it won't change unless you take some action.

How do I make new friends, though?” Most people ask themselves this question at least once in their life. Whether it’s because you moved to a new town, started university, or joined a new company, or simply because you want more positive presences in your life, there’s no shame in wanting to meet more like-minded people.

Check out these tips to meet new people and make friends.

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