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TalkLife, Share Your Stories... Mau’s Experience of Managing Her Mental & Physical Health

‘Things absolutely can get better, it just takes work, and you have to be ready to do it and want to do it.’


Coping with mental health is hard at the best of times, but coping with it alongside a chronic illness and in the middle of a pandemic, takes a very brave kind of person! TalkLifer Mau shares her experience of living with chronic fatigue syndrome and depression and how her rock bottom made her realise she needed to make a change.

Mau, 36, lives between Canada with her Mum and the States where she stays with her fiance. Day to day she writes, reads and plays games on the PC that she put together herself. She is passionate about learning and also spends time taking classes, like psychological first aid which she has found to be very helpful, especially on TalkLife. Despite her chronic fatigue Mau still manages to work a few days a month.

‘I go into a home healthcare office and help with billing and computer data entry things. My mum actually runs the office and I used to work there full time before I ended up getting on disability, so the whole office has a family vibe. It’s less about the work and more about the atmosphere that gets me in.’