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TalkLife, Share Your Stories... Donald’s Experience of Navigating Grief, School & OCD

‘Being introduced to mental health at an early age, I went through a lot of pain and so forth but at the same time I’ve had so much time to heal and learn lessons from things and make the best out of the cards I have been dealt with. And I feel like all those lessons have played a big part in my development.’


Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things we can go through in life, especially at a young age. TalkLifer Donald has shared a little bit about losing his mum, his ex-girlfriend and how this and his OCD impacted him throughout his teenage years and some of the ways he found to cope.

Donald, 20, lives with his dad and his dad’s fiance. He is passionate about poetry and video gaming, incorporating both into his daily activities. He also spends time hanging out with friends, walking his dog, and chatting to neighbours. For Donald, mental health was always an open topic of conversation when he grew up, however this did not make his time any easier as he navigated his first experiences of OCD and later on the loss of two people in his life. His OCD started early on in highschool.