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Simple ways to relieve stress and anxiety

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

We all experience stress; it is the body's reaction to feeling threatened or under pressure. Not all stress is bad, it's very common and can be motivating to help us achieve things in our daily lives or can help us meet the demands of home, work and family life. There will always be some form of stress in our modern lives, so it is important to find your own personal way of dealing with stress and not let it overwhelm you.

Watch the video above to learn some small tips you can use when you begin to feel overwhelmed, to help you take back control.

1. Rub your arms

When we are feeling stressed, we can use the body to shift those emotion and send messages to our brain that we are safe and well. If you're feeling anxious, the simple act of rubbing your arms may help. Try gently grasping your arms with opposite hands, rubbing your arms up and down and squeezing them gently. It can really help to soothe any discomfort of the present moment.