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10 tips to look after your mental health in 2023

New Year's resolutions can be a lot of pressure, especially if you're struggling with your mental health. Getting fit, learning a language, being top of your class... It might look very good on paper, but it won't necessarily bring you peace. It can also be very discouraging to start the year with a massive to-do list and expect immediate results.

Prioritizing your mental health is something nourishing that you can do for yourself this new year. The last few years have been tough. Taking steps to improve your mental health and build resilience is a great way to set yourself up for the new year.

Woman wearing glasses and blowing confetti from her hands with a colorful graffiti in the background

We’ve rounded up some top tips for looking after your mental health in 2023.

Do things that bring you joy

Sometimes, life can just get away from us. We might be busy with work, study, kids, or any number of other things, and forget to do things for ourselves. Try to do something each day that genuinely brings you a sense of joy.

It doesn’t have to be a big thing. Whether that's curling up on the sofa with a book, having your favorite hot chocolate, or training to run a marathon, you’ll get no judgment from us!

Set realistic goals

Try to aim for goals that are achievable and realistic so you don’t fall into the perfectionism trap. Setting excessively high standards gives someone a lot to live up to and can lead to stress and anxiety. Who wants that?