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TalkLife is the largest mental health and well-being peer support network in the world and the definitive destination to reach and empower a truly unique, diverse global community.


A highly accessible, intuitive, mobile first platform, which enables individuals, that are traditionally very difficult to reach, to be incredibly engaged and open to communicate and connect with.

“People need somewhere to talk about mental health. TalkLife is that place”

Stephen Fry

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TalkLife members use our platform because they can share safely and instantly with likeminded people without judgement or stigma.

Global platform
with over 1.1m

A staggering 14m messages sent last month

Users open TalkLife 10 times per day on average

Users average
24 minutes per

The opportunity

TalkLife is the only global platform where your brand can connect directly with a vibrant, authentic, young audience, whose mental health and wellbeing is top of their agenda.

Individuals come to TalkLife to be part of a safe and supportive social network. They come to seek advice and form valuable opinions within a positive and encouraging environment. They stay to be the very best versions of themselves.

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A unique, engaged, global audience


Universe - +1 million unique members

Growth - +1,500 organic users daily

Age - 16-24 year olds

60/40 female to male split

Core markets - US, UK, IN, DE, CA and AU

Messages sent last month

Monthly active members

Screens viewed last month

Ad requests

The benefits of working with us.

Reach a new demographic of highly engaged young people who are on a journey to build better versions of themselves.


An incredible opportunity to be intimately associated and seamlessly integrated, with one of the most revolutionary products in mental health. Let’s Talk... //

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