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Content Policy

Rules for Healthy Engagement

Rule 1 - We're Respectful


Don't be offensive, bully or harass others. Lift people up instead. Racism, hate speech or targeting specific demographics will not be tolerated. 


Rule 2 - Be Authentic


Ask for the support you need and take time to genuinely try and be there for others too.  

Rule 3 - Don't Spam Content

If you have something awesome to share, please do! However, be mindful that other people need to be heard as well, in addition oversharing and spamming will be removed; including spamming socials or external messaging groups.

Rule 4 - Keep it safe


Keep it safe. We're here to share the ups and the downs, however, we're not a crisis support platform - if you are in a crisis situation please immediately contact local emergency services. You can find more help on the "I need help section."  

Rule 5 - Self-Injury


Please don't share graphic or explicit details of self-harm. If you're battling with self-injury - share how you're feeling and how others can help. Don't share photos and or details of self-harm. This is harmful to others and will be removed.  

Rule 6 - Unhealthy Behaviours


Don't promote or encourage unhealthy behaviours. Anything that glorifies or incites self-harm, eating disorders or suicide will be removed.   

Rule 7 - It's not just about you! 


TalkLife isn't just about you. While you might be struggling right now, that doesn't mean anybody owes you support or must listen to you. Be polite and consider spending some time listening and helping others too.  

Rule 8 - Please Don't Preach


Your beliefs and culture are important. However, don't force your views on others or spam scripture. Use your energy and passion to help and support others with your words and being available to listen.  

Rule 9 - Leave BS at the door


Keep the BS to a minimum. We're a support community, not a place to push the latest flat earth theory. Fake news, misleading information and disputed claims will be removed. And no, we're not part of the new world order trying to silence you.  

Rule 10 - TalkLife isn't Tinder


We appreciate Tinder, and we like people who use Tinder, but we're not Tinder. While you're welcome to build friendships and relationships on TalkLife - We're not a dating app. Don't DM people things you wouldn't say to your mum.  

Rule 11 - Nudes anyone? 


Should I send a nude? If you're thinking now might just be a good idea to send a photo of your one-eyed-monster… just don't. Your account will be banned. Plus… admins are tired of looking at photos of your willy.

Rule 12 - Respect Privacy


Respect the privacy of others. Revealing the private information of another TalkLife member or instigating harassment will not be tolerated. Don't be a detective and bully people into revealing more information than they are comfortable sharing.

Rule 13 - Flag Flag Flag


Please make sure you flag content that isn't quite right. Do not tag users, tag admins or attempt to take things into your own hands. If a post has been left up and you fundamentally believe it's by mistake - email  

Rule 14 - Ban Evasions


So your account has been suspended or temporarily banned, this is your cue to take a few days to cool off and come back. Don't create a new account in order to finish your rant. All of your accounts will be banned for a greater period of time. Don't circumvent a ban or a suspension.  

Rule 15 - We're Not a Marketplace


TalkLife isn't a marketplace for you to sell or promote your services. If you're a professional mental health expert, you're welcome to engage in peer support but don't offer therapy on our platform.  

Rule 16 - Not Getting Along?


We're a community of random people and it's true that we're not all going to get along. If you don't see eye to eye with someone, block, hide or just avoid them. Arguments and schoolyard fighting isn't tolerated, and you will be banned.  

Rule 17 - Keep the Quality


Have a thought or something to share? That's awesome! Please make sure your posts are well thought out and legible. Single-word posts, short sentences and or cryptic personal posts that only you or a friend understand, will be moved to random or removed altogether.  

Rule 18 -  Help the Admins


Admins are here to help. You're welcome to vent and make suggestions, but please be respectful and polite. We're all doing our best to make this community a safe and encouraging place. If you disagree with an admin, that's okay. You can appeal removals and bans but please don't abuse our staff or volunteers.  

Rule 19 - Don't Catfish


TalkLife is pseudo-anonymous and you are welcome to be anonymous. However, please don't bait people or take advantage of vulnerable people by pretending to be someone you're not. Likewise, don't use alt accounts to bully and target yourself.  

Rule 20 - Keep it Legal


If you share content that discloses illegal activity or threats of harm to others expect repercussions. Admins may report this to authorities and your account could be banned.  

Rule 21  - Freedom of Speech


Yes we value your right to share your views, but not everything is welcome in an online community. If you are spewing hate, trolling, scamming or trying to mess with others - admins have the right to remove your content and your account without discussion. We're a global community and a private company. We reserve the right to run TalkLife in a manner in line with our mission and values.  

Rule 22 - Use in Moderation


We get it, you love TalkLife and you love to check in however, as your mum says, too much of anything will rot your teeth. Make sure you’re using TalkLife in a healthy way and keep an eye on the time. We can even help by locking you out for a break in the settings - take a break.

Rule 23 - TakLife is Your Community


Be authentic and respect it.


  • Gentle warnings.

  • Moving content to random.

  • Locking of posts and commenting.

  • Removal of your content.

  • Admins asking you to take a break or to calm down.

  • Issue a short-term suspension for 2 hours.

  • Banning your accounts for 2 or 7 days.

  • Restricting your posting or messaging ability.

  • Permanent banning your device.

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