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How to get along with your siblings

Siblings share about 50% of their genes. That’s a lot in common but also a lot of potential differences.

Some siblings get along tremendously well and are each other’s best friends. Others don’t understand how they could even come from the same household.

Two siblings smiling and talking. One is wearing a cap and a backpack

Nurturing positive relationships can have an incredible impact on your future wellbeing. Here’s some advice to bond with your siblings if you want to get closer.

Leave the rest of the family out of it

Getting closer to your sibling can be difficult when the only opportunities to interact are at family gatherings. If you’re committed to improving your relationship with your brother or sister, you have to make time for it.

See each other on your own terms without the rest of the family so the dynamic depends on you and you alone. The way your parents or other family members treat you can affect your relationship and your perception of each other.

You need to find opportunities to really be yourselves, together. Why not get a coffee somewhere neutral? If you’re f