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Information and resources about eating disorders

The content here talks about eating disorders, eating disorder behaviors, weight and body image, and references suicide and self-harm, which some people may find triggering.

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Safety information

If you have an eating disorder, the most important thing you can do is to tell someone and get the support that you need. Even if things feel really scary right now, recovery is possible. You don’t need to cope like this forever. There are effective treatments for eating disorders and the earlier you get help the better.

If you are frequently making yourself sick or your body weight is very low, you should see a doctor as a matter of urgency. If you’re experiencing severe chest pain you should call emergency services or go to your nearest emergency department.

Eating disorders can have serious physical and mental health consequences. It’s perhaps not surprising then that people who struggle with these conditions can sometimes have thoughts about taking their own life.

If you:

  • Think about wanting to die or killing yourself

  • Have made plans to end your life