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How Do We Protect
Our Users?

How Do We Protect Our Users?

We created Talklife to give you a supportive, accepting and safe community where everyone feels comfortable and welcome. In order to make sure it stays that way we need everyone to stick to the community guidelines and our terms of use. If you don’t you may find your posts deleted and/or your account disabled. Help us to keep TalkLife awesome!

We’re Supportive

We all hate it when we reach out for help, and get responses like “get over it” or other tough love. Don’t be that person, listen and respond with love.

Listening and asking follow up questions is the best way to help someone. Don’t try and solve their problems. Most people are just looking for someone to validate their feelings.

Everyone can help someone. We don’t need a special expertise to help, just an genuine interest to listen to others.

What works for one person, will not work for others. Instead of suggesting specific self help strategies (including religion) suggest that someone finds something healthy and sustainable that works for them.

Check out our hints and tips for supporting someone online {here}

We’re Respectful

TalkLife users should feel comfortable to openly share their story, feelings and challenges without fear. If someone has shown the courage to open up we ask that you respond supportively, with empathy and encouragement. Avoid being judgmental.

Any posts that appear to target individuals with the intention of degrading them, shaming them or abusing them will be removed. This includes posts that cause harm or damage the reputation of another user.

We Keep It Clean

Talklife users will sometimes post about strong topics that can stir emotions. We encourage you to express yourself but do not be abusive, offensive or swear excessively. Sexist, racist homophobic or transphobic posts are not allowed and will be removed.

Sexually explicit posts,nudity and requests for dating will be removed-TalkLife is not the place for this.

Posts describing or showing graphic violence or abuse can be upsetting for others and will be removed.

Posts that encourage or condone illegal or criminal acts will be removed.

We Stay Safe

Sometimes life sucks, and we want to support you through it. Tell us the bad, good and “meh” and share your difficult feelings but we don’t allow talk of dangerous, unsafe or violent acts. These kind of posts can be very dangerous and triggering to others. Adding a trigger warning does not mean that these posts are ok.

We do not allow any posts that promote or encourage self-injury or suicide.

It’s ok to talk about your feelings around self harm and suicide but please don’t post graphic descriptions or images or detail about methods and plans.

Please don’t talk specifically about calories, measurements, amounts of food eaten, images of weight loss or methods of gaining or losing weight.

We do not allow posts that talk actively about suicide or self harm-if you need help please contact your local support service, call the emergency services or go to your nearest emergency department. Press the I NEED HELP button for more information.

We Take Care of Ourselves

We encourage you to support others when you can but don’t take on too much. Sometimes we all need a break. If you are feeling things are getting on top of you please seek professional support. See our support page for more details. Please also be mindful of how much personal information you share on TalkLife -remember it is a public forum.

We Stay on Track

Talklife is a peer to peer community. No advertising please-the site is for personal use only. This includes content advertising items whether for sale or donation. This also includes fundraising, crowdfunding, sponsorship sites and research.

Talklife is our house, we can control what happens here. But once you connect with users outside of talklife, we cannot control what happens. Please do not share personal details with anyone you do not know. We will remove any telephone numbers or address information posted on the site.

TalkLife is also not a place for dating and hook ups — there are lots of other apps for that!

We Guard Our Community

Please help us to keep TalkLife safe. If you read or see something concerning, please press the flag in the bottom right corner of the post/comment. This will alert admin to remove it. People rarely join Talklife with intent to cause trouble, but we will block those that do.

Bullying is not cool. If you’re bullying someone we will suspend you. If you continue to bully through secondary accounts, we will take action to block your device and or we may report your activities to relevant authorities.

Our moderators and buddies are awesome volunteers who are giving their time to make sure talklife stays safe, and all their removed posts reviewed. Take time today to thank them for what they are doing, and make sure to respect and support them.

If your post or comment is not appearing, it may have been removed for a violation of these values or it may simply be stuck in a spam filter. Please email and we’ll be happy to discuss why the content was removed. If we have made a mistake please be understanding and gracious. We will get through support requests as fast as we can, so please be patient.

Our Administration team are not allowed to share their personal kik’s, email or social media with you accounts with you. If you need to contact a member of the TalkLife team please email

Posts directly targeting moderators on the platform will be removed. If you want to discuss moderation please email us:

Sometimes peer support isn’t the best option for your situation.

We are a peer support community-we do not offer professional advice. While we believe peer to peer support can be extremely valuable TalkLife is not a crisis service and in many situations it’s critical that you seek professional support. We do not have the ability to trace the source of any posts/accounts and cannot guarantee immediate responses.


If your post hasn’t received a comment that doesn’t mean the community doesn’t care. A member might not always know how to respond to your situation or may not have seen your post. If you need an immediate response, consider reaching out to someone in person or over an emergency line. Resources Here or reach out to one of these hotlines

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