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How do I make it through Thanksgiving?

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Tips to help you with your mental health, anxiety and depression this holiday weekend.

Happy Day People Randomly Eat Turkeys On!! That being said, the holidays can be tough. They can be awesome, yes (don’t act like you haven’t had a pretty rad Christmas once or twice in your life, like that one time you got that amazing robot thing that played basketball with you and…nevermind), but they can also tend to bring up some lousy feelings.

While everyone celebrates Thanksgiving this year and talks about how perfect everything is, remember this: it’s okay to share that maybe, for you, it’s not. That maybe, for you? The holidays can feel a little lonely. If you could use a little support on turkey day, TalkLife is a great place where you can share your thoughts, ramblings, feelings or whatevers and meet a person or two that might just be able to give you a smile you didn’t see coming.

It’s cheesy, but we’re all better together, and sharing your feelings can make a world of a difference. Like, the kind of difference where you don’t feel bad about stuff and realize everything can actually be sorta great today or tomorrow or whenever.

Just know that the folks at TalkLife (and the whole community on it) are here for you 24/7, whether it’s a weird holiday where we eat turkeys or a Tuesday where we’re all just sort of bored.

No matter what day it is, we could all use a little support every now and again. That’s why we made this thing. To remind everyone that people are great and here to help each other out. Because no one’s got it easy.

We’ve come up with a few tips to help you with your mental health and to make your holiday season a little easier to get through.

1. It’s your holiday too.